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Annual 'Open Gate' Farm Tour

When: September 17, 2023
Time: 2:00 to 4:30 pm
Cost: FREE (Registration Required)


farm tour 2019.jpg

Event Details

Come join us for our annual 'Open Gate' Farm Tour! This is a free farm tour open to the public; it's the perfect chance to come see what we are doing at Hundred Fruit Farm, ask lots of questions, taste some pawpaw fruit, and learn a lot about permaculture design and no-spray organic farming in the process. After the tour, stick around to buy some plants for our edible landscaping nursery or some produce from the farm!

Event Format

The tour will start at 2:00 pm and run until approximately 4:30 pm. We will do a walk and talk across the entire farm. We will go through how we created and designed our farm; what permaculture is and how we use permaculture design principles; what it means to be organic and no-spray and how we manage all our systems that way; and an overview of the following areas/systems on the farm:

  • berry grove

  • fruit orchard

  • large nut tree orchard

  • hazelnut orchard

  • rotational sheep grazing

  • pastured hens and eggs

  • solar PV system

  • no-till gardens

  • compost systems

  • nursery and propagation area

  • high tunnel

  • edible landscaping areas

During the tour, we will also have a pawpaw tasting, so if you've never had the opportunity to taste a pawpaw (a delicious native fruit that we grow on the farm), this will be the perfect chance to do so!

Other Important Details

Attendees are of course very welcome to bring their children and families. All children must be supervised at all times - farms can be dangerous places with various hazards like uneven ground, ponds, poison ivy, electric fences, etc. Although we are dog and cat owners ourseleves, we have a strict no dogs for visitors to our farm - so please leave your dogs (and any other pets) at home. 

We have a porta-john on site for anyone who needs to use a bathroom during the tour. We also have hydrants around the farm with potable water that people can drink from and use to refill water bottles. 

We suggest people wear a hat, long pants, and sunscreen. Although you can wear sandals if you like, be aware that some areas of the farm do have poison ivy on them, so if you are very sensitive to poison ivy, wearing closed-toe shoes would be a good idea, too.

Event Cost / Registration

Although this event is completely free to attend, we do require that attendees register beforehand at our Eventbrite page. This will allow us to plan accordingly for parking and other logistics.

After the Tour

Feel free to stick around after the tour if you'd like to purchase some berries, fruit trees, or other edible plants from our edible landscape nursery. We will also have produce for sale, including fresh pawpaws and frozen aronia berries. We can also answer any additional questions you have that you didn't get a chance to ask during the tour.

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