The Farm


Hundred Fruit Farm is located in Buckingham in Bucks County, PA. The farm is about 15 minutes from New Hope, Doylestown, and Newtown and one hour from Philadelphia. Buckingham has traditionally been a very agricultural area but in recent years has become increasingly suburban, with new housing developments being built all the time. This is true of much of Bucks County, which has some of the best farmland in the country but has also seen some of the worst urban sprawl.


We hope that Hundred Fruit Farm can help keep the agricultural traditions and character of this area alive by embracing small-scale agriculture and the local food movement. Our small farm also serves as an ecological refuge for pollinators, birds, amphibians, and other flora and fauna — in an area that is increasingly being degraded by lawn chemicals, insecticides, herbicides, and ornamental landscaping.

The farm itself is about ten acres, situated at the foot of "Buckingham Mountain" (which in truth is more of a hill). The land is gently sloping silty loam soil with a spring-fed pond towards the bottom of the property. Before we bought the farm, it had previously been a horse farm and hay field, and decades before that it use to be part of a large diversified family farm and dairy in the area that produced a large amount of eggs and milk for the local area. There is a large deer and turkey population here, which come down from the mountain to feed in the nearby fields and homes. Wild blackberries, mulberries, and wineberries are abundant in the area.

We started the farm in May 2015. Before planting anything we put up a deer fence around the entire perimeter of the property to protect the fruit trees, berries, and other crops from the deer. Every year since then we have planted more fruit, created more gardens, brought in more animals, and continue to develop and diversify the farm in lots of different ways.