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Fresh Nanking cherries rarely make it into a bowl as they usually get eaten straight off the bush.


Nanking cherry bushes reach a height of 6-10 ft. When they fruit, they are absolutely loaded with small, red cherries.

Nanking Cherries

A very ornamental plant with very edible, tiny cherries, Nanking cherries are a great choice for every yard! The tiny fruits are about a half inch in size and about 50% pit by volume, but they have a wonderful sweet-sour taste that everyone seems to love. Although it takes a long time to pick a large amount due to their small size, they are perfect for eating right off the bush!

As amazing as their fruit are, their blooms are absolutely stunning. Each branch is covered with dozens of white-pink flowers in early spring when not much else has started flowering yet. They are an excellent choice to line a driveway with and really 'wow' anyone who sees them in bloom.

Bushes do well in full to partial sun, though they probably prefer a little bit of shade. Plants usually grow 6-10 ft tall at maturity. They make a great edible hedge plant. Although deer love cherries and everything in the Prunus genus, their small, rough leaves makes them fairly resistant to deer, though it's still a good idea to give them some protection from deer while they get established. 

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