Who We Are

Adam Dusen

Adam grew up in Bucks County, traveled the world learning about permaculture and agroecology, and returned home with the vision of making Hundred Fruit Farm a reality. Adam is an experienced permaculture farmer, designer, and educator, having been involved in permaculture projects across five continents in a wide range of different climates.


Adam's farming roots began in Centre County where he apprenticed under an experienced organic farmer at Over The Moon Farm for several seasons. There he worked a lot with rotational grazing and pastured animal systems and learned the ins and outs of small-scale diversified farming. 


After graduating from college studying environmental philosophy, Adam received his permaculture design certificate from The Panya Project, a thriving permaculture farm and education center in northern Thailand in 2008. After completing a master's degree in environmental science in Sweden (and meeting his eventual wife, Sunghee), Adam returned to Panya as a co-manager of the site in 2011 and 2012, helping run and teach permaculture courses, managing interns and volunteers, working on numerous natural building projects, managing a diverse food forest, and steeping himself in all things permaculture. 


Adam then shifted gears and took a job as the resident permaculture teacher and food systems manager for a non-profit school in The Bahamas. There he managed a 12,000 gallon aquaponic system and 18-acre permaculture farm, producing vegetables, herbs, pastured pork, tilapia, and fruit to feed the community of 100+ residents and students. He also served as an instructor for hundreds of students of all ages, using the permaculture farm as an experiential education classroom. 


In addition to running Hundred Fruit Farm, Adam is also part of Surplus Permaculture Design, an international permaculture consulting and design firm. Surplus does permaculture designing and master planning, consulting, teaching, and project installations all over the world.

Sunghee Kim

Sunghee is originally from South Korea but now calls Buckingham her home. In addition to helping run the farm with Adam, she is also an animal behaviorist and dog trainer with her own dog training business, Placid Paws. Sunghee has a master's degree in animal behavior. She also received her permaculture design certificate in 2017.

Sunghee loves working with animals of all kinds to achieve positive behaviors, whether that be with our farm animals, shelter dogs at the SPCA, or the many dogs she helps train as part of her business. 

Hal & Kathy Dusen

Hal and Kathy are Adam's parents. They live on the farm with Adam and Sunghee and occasionally help out with things. They have lived in Bucks County for nearly 30 years. Hal is retired from his job as an environmental engineer at the Willow Grove base and Kathy is a retired elementary school teacher. They are proud parents and grandparents, with three grown children and five rambunctious grandchildren.