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One of the hardest things about growing plants of any kind is dealing with weeds. Nature abhors a vacuum, so whenever bare soil exists, plants are going to start growing. Usually these plants are going to be plants we don't want - in other words, weeds! But the best way to prevent weeds from taking over your landscaped beds and berry bushes is to occupy that space with a plant we do want - and groundcovers are plants which do this extremely well!


Typically in landscaping, many non-native plants are used as groundcovers, and while they might get the job done, here at Hundred Fruit Farm we are a big believes in multiple functions. So in our nursery we only sell groundcovers that also achieve some other function - an edible or medicinal yield, or supporting native pollinators and wildlife (which is what native plants do). So below we will list and describe the various groundcovers we sell in our nursery and what their benefits and uses are. 

Fragaria virginiana groundcover.jpg

Wild strawberries (Fragaria virginiana) doing what they do best - carpeting the ground and looking great!

Sweet woodruff and ostrich ferns - two great groundcovers for shady areas and both with edible uses.

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