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HFF Edible Landscape Nursery

*Everything in our nursery is for local pickup and by appointment only. We do not ship plants (yet), and the nursery has no standard operating hours or automated online ordering system. To order plants for local pickup or schedule a visit to the nursery, please email us at


We have a variety of plants at Hundred Fruit Farm that we grow here and use in our designs. We specialize in Ribes (currants, gooseberries, and jostaberries), elderberries, and pawpaws but have other plants as well. We have begun to propagate these plants and offer them for sale to the public! Everything in the nursery is grown without any kind of chemicals or sprays (including rooting hormone). Occasionally we might purchase plugs or seeds from other wholesale nurseries which do not necessarily use organic practices, but we will never use any of that stuff on our plants while they are in our nursery. The vast majority of plants we offer for sale are propagated on farm from our own plant stock. The plants in our nursery (with a few exceptions) all thrive in this climate without sprays!

Plant Size Information: The below image shows the difference between currants in some of the container sizes we use in our nursery - 3.5" pots, nursery trade 1 gal (actual volume is 2.5 quarts), and 2 gal pots.

Current Nursery Availability (As of 6/2/22) - Click to Download

If you click the link above, you can download our current nursery availability, which we will update here as often as we can. The current availability list is in a pdf format and lists what plants we have available and in what sizes and quantities. To find out more information about the plants and cultivars we carry, we have more detailed information about their appearance, flavor, growing conditions, and other characteristics below.

Currant, 'Blanka' (Ribes rubrum)

This Slovakian cultivar bears clusters of large, sweet, nearly translucent berries. Deer resistant.

Currant, 'Consort' (Ribes nigrum)

Medium-small fruit (for a black currant) with medium firmness. Sets fruit dependably for us every year. Well known for its high degree of resistance to white pine blister rust. Deer resistant.

Currant, 'Pink Champagne', Ribes rubrum

Perhaps the best currant we can grow, this cultivar forms large clusters of sweet berries with a pink and partly translucent color. Grows vigorously with little issues. Deer resistant.

Currant, 'Red Lake' (Ribes rubrum)

Clusters of large, bright red berries that ripen early-mid season in late June to early July here at our farm. Deer resistant.

Pawpaw Seedling (Asimina triloba)

North America's largest native edible fruit! Native to PA, pawpaws are one of the easiest fruit trees to grow in our area. They have very little pest and disease problems and give perfect fruit without spraying. Pawpaws are not self-fertile so you need at least two different pawpaws for pollination. We grow ours from seed we collected from wild trees in PA. Trees thrive in partial shade but fruit best in full sun. Typically grow to about 20' but can be kept smaller through pruning. All our pawpaws are kept in deep 14" tree pots that keep the taproot intact, a very important thing for pawpaws! Deer resistant.

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