What We Grow

Despite our name, we actually grow a lot more than fruit! Check out the various categories we offer below for more information on the products offered in that category.







Pastured Pork



Berries & Vine Fruit


This year (2016), we will have berries in only very limited amounts and not for U-pick. But we have a lot of berries planted, some of which will be available for the 2017 U-Pick CSA and most of which should be available for picking in 2018. You can take a look at our berry and fruit vine maturity chart to see what we have planted and when each berry variety ripens.




We have some great fruit trees planted, most of which are too small to produce fruit or just starting to produce crops. Fruit trees take a while to mature! But, while you're eagerly waiting for our fruits to come, feel free to check out the maturity chart for our fruit trees to see what we have planted and when each variety ripens.

Pastured Eggs


Our free-range eggs can't be beat! Our hens are fed certified organic feed and have year-round access to fresh pasture. They get to roam around, eat bugs and grass, and enjoy chicken life as it was meant to be lived - not in some tiny cage! Our eggs are $5/dozen and are available upon request from the farm year-round.




Tired of the same boring supermarket mushrooms?We've got your covered. We are growing oyster, wine cap, and shiitake mushrooms at the moment and should have our first flushes starting in the fall. We also wild harvest mushrooms whenever we get the chance and the conditions are right.




We always have lots of culinary and medicinal herbs growing around the farm, not just in our herb gardens, but as low-maintainence landscaping features as well. Just some of the many herbs we grow:


  • Culinary Herbs

    • parsley

    • ​sage

    • rosemary

    • thyme

    • oregano

    • chives

    • spearmint

    • peppmint

    • Thai basil

    • Genovese basil

    • holy basil

    • lemongrass

  • Medicinal Herbs

    • mugwort

    • lavendar

    • chamomile




We're nuts about nuts! Most of our nuts are recently planted and therefore too young to produce, but we are growing (or will soon be planting): chestnuts, black walnuts, pecans, shellbark hickories, shagbark hickories, hicans, buartnuts, heartnuts, pine nuts, and hazelnuts.




We're always growing lots of veggies - both in our annual garden beds and in our perennial landscapes. Some of the many veggies we grow include: tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, kale, spinach, asparagus, eggplants, broccoli, pumpkins, summer squash, cucumbers, peppers, chilis, cabbages, radishes, brussel sprouts, onions, scallions, sunchokes, potatoes, sweet potates, etc.

shelled walnuts
shelled walnuts

Pastured Pork


Our pigs eat primarily grass, roots, fallen fruit, nuts, spent brewer's gran, and other forage crops and receive organic as a supplement. This diverse, forage-based diet gives their meat a flavor and quality that is unmatched. We have raised guinea hogs in the past, but will be raising other heritage breeds and mixes for the 2020 season and beyond.


Babydoll Lambs


We raise babydoll lambs, but not for meat. They are excellent lawn-mowing pets! Read more about them here.

Treating Animals with Respect and Compassion

We're big believers in the concept of treating animals with dignity, respect, and compassion - and we also eat meat. We think these two things are not mutually exclusive when you raise animals in spacious outdoor environments and treat them with the compassion living beings deserve to be treated with. No pig should be kept in a tiny miserable pen it's whole life. Pigs should be out on pasture, rooting around, sunbathing, taking mudbaths, and enjoying life. Chickens shouldn't be raised indoors their whole life without ever setting foot outside, they should be out on the grass, eating bugs, scratching, and taking dust baths. And sheep shouldn't be fed grain all day, they should be out doing what they do best - eating grass! In addition to ensuring a high quality of life for our animals, we make sure that all our animals are butchered quickly and humanely, and do not suffer in the process.